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Inspiring Stories for Children

Embark on a journey of inspiration and discovery with our collection of captivating children's biographies by Poppy Wilder, where young minds can explore the remarkable lives of trailblazers, heroes, and visionaries who have left an indelible mark on the world. 

Meet Taylor Swift

Empower children to achieve their wildest dreams with this inspirational biography about Taylor Swift’s rise to stardom!

Beautifully crafted as a fun, colorful, and inspiring biography book for kids, Meet Taylor Swift uplifts young readers and invites them on an amazing journey to discover the story of a global icon and superstar!

Packed with stunning illustrations, journal prompts, reflection questions, and a detailed exploration of Taylor Swift’s extraordinary life – from her humble beginnings to her world-famous Era’s Tour – Swiftie fans ages 8-12 will be inspired to overcome their challenges, pursue their wildest dreams, and follow in the footsteps of their favorite singer!

Meet Simone Biles


Embark on a fascinating journey of resilience and triumph with this interactive biography about Simone Biles'  journey to Olympic gold and beyond! 

Featuring gorgeous illustrations, interactive prompts, and key lessons that encourage children to pursue their dreams and cultivate an unstoppable spirit, "Meet Simone Biles" invites young readers to discover the extraordinary achievements of a trailblazing Olympic athlete and gold medalist.

Culinary Adventures

Learn how to make the perfect latte at home, prepare time-saving overnight oats for a healthy breakfast on the go, and delight your taste buds with non-alcoholic mocktail recipes in our best-selling cookbook collection by Stella Rose Wilder. 

Best-Selling Cookbooks by Stella Rose Wilder

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Learn how to save money and start your day with a perfectly curated coffee drink as you transform your kitchen into your very own coffeehouse!

The Ultimate Coffee Recipe Book is the only barista recipe book you need! You will discover 101 easy-to-follow recipes that will help you feel like a professional barista in no time.

You will discover how to make classic coffee drinks, homemade flavored syrups, specialty lattes, iced coffee drinks, holiday-inspired lattes, coffee cocktails, and more!


Say goodbye to mid-morning energy slumps and hello to sustained vitality throughout your day!

You no longer have to rush through your mornings, sacrificing a healthy breakfast for the sake of time. This overnight oats recipe book is filled with 60 fiber-rich, high protein oat recipes that take only minutes to prepare the night before and will be patiently waiting for you when you’re ready to run out the door. No cooking is required!

Get ready to transform your mornings with a breakfast that’s as convenient as it is nutritious.

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Say goodbye to hangovers and hello to tantalizing non-alcoholic cocktails that will leave your mind clear and your tastebuds dancing with delight. 

Inspired by classic cocktails, this non-alcoholic drink recipe book brings you an irresistible array of mocktails that sparkle with creativity and flavor.

From refreshing Citrus Sunrise to sophisticated, Sparkling Raspberry Rosé, each sip promises a delightful journey through fruity, herbaceous, creamy, and even bold and spicy creations.

Unveil Ancient History

Step back in time and explore the grandeur and intrigue of the ancient world, where each page unveils the epic tales of historic civilizations with author, August Mead.

Infamous Roman Emperors

Step into the outrageous true stories of history’s most depraved Roman Emperors – and witness how they were destroyed by their own mad thirst for power.

Packed with shocking real-world stories that are almost too preposterous to believe, Infamous Roman Emperors uncovers the worst of the worst, inviting you on a wild and scandalous journey into the barmy, bizarre, and blood-soaked world of being top-dog in ancient Rome.

From scintillating accounts of power-hungry dictators to tales of unmatched debauchery and intricate plots of betrayal, this historical biography unfolds like an unforgettable soap drama – with some of Rome’s most notorious tyrants taking center stage!

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